DA Corporation Client Services

Client Services

What We Offer You

With a clientele as respected and diverse as our own, representing companies from start-ups to global household names and their subsidiary concerns, there is simply no generic range of service. Every individual client has with their arrangements with us their own heavily customized contacted service package representing their own differing and specialized requirements. That said however some basic services are standard in their need for a wide variety of clients regardless of business type or sector.

The following is a brief list of services common to all of our clients and have been reported as both welcome and necessary by our periodic client satisfaction review processes:

Round The Clock/ 7 Days a Week Support:

24/7 Support

We recognize that your business, partners, and investors may live and operate in different time zones throughout the world and this will be factored in to how we offer and support our services to you. To this end we operate a 24 hours a day/7 days a week support Centre to meet and address any issues that may arise.

Assigned Personal Advisor and Point of Contact:

Point of Contact

There can be nothing more frustrating than having to constantly explain the personal requirements of business relationship to a list of unknown people and at DA Corporation this situation will never occur. You are assigned a static personal advisor team that is tasked with being completely aware of you and your account requirements and will ensure that all aspects of our services to you are in keeping with these established needs.

Ongoing Reporting & Analysis:

Reporting Analysis

There is little point in being able to communicate information clearly to your desired audience if this chain of communication does not include regular feedback. We maintain a process of regular and definable reporting of both raw and analytically interpreted data regarding our efforts and the results gained directly to you in scheduled electronic form and if preferred in personal meetings.

Database Indexing and Demographic Profiling:

Database Indexing

By being able to proceed on the basis that each and every recipient of your investment information is both open to and suitable to respond to this message we eliminate cost incurring and inefficient result generating practices, reaching only the most desirable and beneficial of audiences through proper screening and evaluation.