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About DA Corporation

Today’s investor is literally spoilt for choice when it comes to quality companies offering solid and dependable returns on investments as well as many excellent choices in dynamic and thought provoking startups and IPOs. Therefore, the question is clear, how you bring this sound capital yet seemingly content pool of investors to appreciate the opportunities that your company brings to the table.

This is where DA Corporation’s outstanding service comes into play. By allowing us to fine tune your investment message and target it accurately at the people who are both most partial to and are also capable of acting on this message, we bring your company profile firmly into the forefront of the investment companies’ checklist. This process of selective messaging also brings the benefit of allowing the investor company to have already begun the ever critical due diligence on their recommendation well ahead of their usual timeframes.

Since the company’s formation, our individually tailored comprehensive investor media relations strategies have been of great benefit to our range of high quality and industry diverse clients. No strategy that we employ on a client’s behalf is ever out of a box or one size fits all approach. From the onset seek out and identify the particular requirements of the industry your involved in, your company’s existing corporate profile, the core elements of the investment message and of course the dynamics of your targeted investor pool. In this way we are not wasting time, effort or your hard won capital pursuing less than optimal audiences for your important information. The right message, the right audience and the right result, this is what DA Corporation strives to deliver on every account, regardless of industry or size.

With our proven successful ideology in place, the next step involves the tools that we use to convey your information to your prospective and existing investors. DA Corporation has shown our ability to utilize the extensive array of experience and knowledge when taking companies to listing, providing a full service to initial public offering. When these tools are correctly managed as part of a complete well considered overall strategy, the results are successful, only from this position of confidence can reliable investment capital flow be assured. With regular and ongoing passage of information it is easier to stay ahead of unfortunate events ensuring that it is your information that is being heard through our shareholder services.

For more information on the strategies and tools that DA Corporation can bring to bear on your behalf to reach and motivate the correct investor demographic for your company, please contact us today.